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Slide Number of options to choose from when generating a fundraising round seed code. Previously used a set of
81 options, but upgraded this to make it harder to guess.
Number of outcome codes, 81 four digit summary codes. They can be represented using Ternary Tetragrams.
40 outcomes represent player 1, 40 outcomes represent player 2, with one result code representing a rematch.
Number of options each user entry code chooses from.
Length of the seed code generated when goal is reached.
Length of users round entry code that is generated
each time somebody backs a fundraiser.
There are 3 moves, paper, scissors & rock.
You just don't know what your moves will be.

We help fundraise

Our goal is to help you fundraise, that means we’re letting those who need funding offer incentives to help reach a wider audience.
This website is still under construction, so keep updated on our progress by following us, find our social media links at the bottom of this page.


Helping others fundraise is almost as important as breathing, we’re here to make it just as easy.

Prize Pools

When you sponsor projects using our service, we put you in the draw to win a share of prize pools on offer.


Marketing isn’t something that should be taken lightly. People should use every possible tool available to them.


Everybody around you is a part of your community if you like it or not, ignoring those in need is no bueno.

Round One

We are fundraising to help cover operating costs while this project is under development.

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Favourable Group!

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Early stage company, charity, or non-profit? Eligible applicants get all of our
services for just 5% of what they fundraise.

We help people like you fundraise

We see crowd sourcing as a future proof solution. Whether it’s about non-profits, new games, new brands, mobile solutions or digital products, we give your fundraising efforts an edge with our elegant game logic.

Reduce, Reuse,

Our innovative game logic is still being tested. It is designed to enable sponsors for fundraisers on our website an easy way to keep on giving.

When we launch, the bot we have built for accessibility reasons will turn on and begin assigning randomized user inputs for our game to your account, and you can update these at any time using the choice updater.

Before founding Favourable Group in early 2014, William started two Internet companies in the Hutt Valley. Previously, William completed his Bachelor and business studies in Wellington at the School of Creative Industries, most recently enrolled to complete Masters, focusing on creative enterprise development and risk management. He has also worked as a freelance website design consultant to the property and demolition services industries, and likes to volunteer time as a data processor for popular Small Business Groups.

Business audit

Our clients are often surprised by the possibilities we present to them; by thinking outside the box we present exciting new ventures:

Work fewer hours — and fundraise more money.
Attract and retain quality, dedicated backers.

Marketing niche
with content

When you support niche content you are helping individual creators and groups, unintentionally broadening the horizons of the imagination.

Sharing niche content is just that much more extra, you’re taking the next step as a supporter.

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