When it comes to launching a brand or product, isn’t it alarming to think about how many people don’t know about your product or service? It’s simply awe inspiring. Doesn’t that just make you want to show them what you have to offer? But how do you go about that without being pushy and actually be authentic? It’s hard to imagine a world without freedom of choice. Which is why I’m pretty sure people asking for help probably deserve to be helped.

When you’re trying to make people aware of your brand there is one thing that just makes people go insane, and that is viral content. Why people respond more to things that a lot of other people have seen already is a complicated matter to unravel. Basically if you have a following behind you it makes people more comfortable with the idea of joining in and participating in whatever it is you are doing. This is brand awareness.

I can’t see somebody walking down the street and not recognizing or not being consciously aware of advertising that is around them. It’s hard to ignore a lot of it. The human brain has adapted to absorb all of the advertising and social media has no doubt had an impact on the way people behave. It’s great that communities of people can come together to support brands that they admire or want to see flourish. It’s great that people are able to encourage somebody who is asking for help.

It’s amazing that people are even able to ask for help with something in the first place – but it’s an internal debate that happens so quickly when there is a choice to be made about helping somebody. Do I help this person? Have I heard of their brand before? Are they “popular” -already-? Well these are good questions. They help somebody determine whether or not to support a funding campaign. These same questions also get in the way of rational thought, which should be something along the lines of, hey yeah – that person kinda needs some support, so I’ll do that, even though they have nothing to give me back.

That’s a huge pill to swallow though and I think a lot of people get choked up when it comes to supporting a brand that is in it’s infancy.

These are issues that Favourable is working to help iron out of the financial fabric we have entwined around ourselves.