Game Rules

When you update your choices using the green button in the top right hand corner, you will overwrite your previous choices.

This means when a fundraiser reaches it’s goal, your entry will be matched with your latest choice update.

It doesn’t matter how many entries you buy at once, you can donate $20 and have the same odds of winning as someone who donated $500 at once.

You can only sponsor projects by spending credit that is in your Wallet, having no credit in your account will result in a checkout error.

Purchase a top-up voucher then head to your wallet, press top-up, enter the amount you purchased and then enter the unique code on your voucher during the checkout process to allocate the credit to your account.

Topping up your account will incur a fee from a third party (PayPal, Stripe, etc..) unless purchased using cash in person on one of our premises.

Prizes are credited to your Favourable Wallet to be spent on rewards that are on offer when sponsoring a funding round, and you can request prizes up to $500 be sent to you.

It is not necessary to buy a reward to sponsor a project, you could just give them some funds.

All user inputs are stored into our database, which is a separate closed system.

If a user updates their choice, as long as all criteria is matched, it will overwrite their previous entry in the database.

Inputs are called automatically along with user data when a purchase is made, which lets us match their current choices with their purchases.

Instead of betting on rounds, you purchase a ticket.

The number of tickets purchased does not matter as you are competing with other players based on your entries purchase date, or purchase ID.

For example, if you spent $10 on a $1000 funding round, you would have purchased 1000 tickets.

You could instead purchase 100 tickets for $1, 10 times.

This means purchasing more tickets at once will not give you better odds of winning.

It is possible to face yourself in the game if you have purchased 2 or more entries that have consecutive purchase ID’s (one after the other).

If you face yourself during a funding round, it is possible to eliminate yourself via a draw, or win against yourself and move on to the next round.

We use a 27 digit code which correlates to one of an Octillion random combinations.

This code is randomly assigned at the start of a funding round, and can be used to ensure games are played accurately without changes being made.

The win/lose/draw count represents each round outcome, which is based off of a 3 round match.

There are 4 rounds that consist of 3 rounds each which are made up of 3 matches. That is 12 matches to decide a winner.

If a winner isn’t found, and the individual match results in a rematch, this means both users entries are counted as a loss and they are eliminated from the funding round.

When a user has won a reward, they can decide what funding rounds to donate the funds they have won to by sponsoring them directly.

This is achieved by crediting the winners account with the prize money, which is an internal transaction.

By crediting the winner with the prize money, they are able to use their winnings to sponsor projects on the platform, either by purchasing rewards that are offered by individuals who are fundraising, or simply purchasing an entry into their funding round.

If the prize is less than $500, they can nominate to have their reward sent to their bank account rather than credited to their Favourable Wallet.

The wallet system is designed to allow us to process internal transactions without incurring processing fees from third parties.

This lets us provide the lowest entry price for a round starting at $0.01 cent, as each round has 100,000 entries for sale, we are able to set a minimum purchase price for each level of funding goal ($1,000 – $2,000,000)

This means each funding goal has a leveled pricing system, where the minimum entry price increases along with the funding goal, in order to avoid people purchasing too many multiple entries.

For example, you could purchase 200 separate entries for $200 if the minimum entry price for any funding round was $1.

Since there are only 100,000 tickets for sale, the minimum entry price for a $2,000,000 funding round would be $20, meaning you could only purchase 10 entries for $200.

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