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Prize structure

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Announced on closing

The Favourable Fundraising Group Round 1

Prize structure

Unique Identifer

Announced on closing

by Favourable Bet

  • $25,000.00

    Funding Goal
  • $30.00

    Funds Raised
  • 328 Days to go
  • Target Goal

    Campaign End Method
Raised Percent :
Minimum amount is $5 Maximum amount is $5000
Wellington, New Zealand

Favourable Bet

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Campaign Story

Right now I have a chance to show you that this platform is the real deal.

We are giving away $5000 NZD in Favourable Credit to the winners of this fundraising round. That’s 20% of our target.

This fundraising round has been assigned a unique 27 digit code that will interact with your choices to find a winner.

During Round 1, participants will have their inputs randomly generated. We wrote a script to do that, and can randomly generate thousands of user inputs at once.

Once we reach our goal, set another one, by starting Round 2.

Supporting Round 1 guarantees you a place in our first test run of the platform.

We’re here to increase the percentage of fundraising rounds that are successful, as there are too many that go unfunded. This can be attributed to many societal and individual flaws, such as a lack of confidence either speaking up for yourself of over confidence speaking down on or straight up ignoring others. This isn’t how communities get ahead, that is done through teamwork and supporting each others pursuits.

Imagine if all of the people you could have helped over the years were here with you today, and you had just lost everything. How likely would those people be to support you, knowing you haven’t even tried to support them? But that’s the thing. You don’t have to know them. Chances are they will help you out anyway, because generally that’s what people do for each other when they are in a tight spot.

We’re here trying to say that helping each other shouldn’t be biased and there should be an equal opportunity to participate in fundraising with a mutually agreeable incentive being the currently traded financial tool of the day, in other words, cash money, credited to your Favourable Wallet.

Update your choices with the green button in the top right corner, then enter this fundraising round by purchasing an entry – and you will be in the draw.

Our automation is currently OFF due to testing so you will be assigned an automatically generated random set of user inputs.

A word from our founder:

“This project was started during my bachelor in digital media, the idea being that alternative fundraising methods such as grants from charitable trusts and boards were difficult to attain.“


We could really use your support to get this project rolling!


A successful Round 1 will also mean we can guarantee the following will happen:

  • Upgrade Web Hosting For Better Preformance

  • Turn Automation ON To Enable Our Choice Updater

  • Weekly Auditing Begins With Independent Party

  • More Rewards On Offer By Those Fundraising

  • Round 2 Can Begin


Below is a screenshot of a fundraising round, showing 1000 entrants competing over 12 rounds

This produces the following results:

As you can see, the winner had chosen user inputs that got them through 8 rounds.

Enter now & help us grow!

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous $5.00 November 04, 2019
Favourable Bet $5.00 November 04, 2019
Anonymous $20.00 November 01, 2019