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Prize Pool: $5000

Enter to be in the draw to win your share, using our innovative game logic to decide a winner. Backing this fundraiser will help us test our game logic, and explore opportunities for growth.

Favourable Group Fundraiser

by William Styles

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Auckland, New Zealand

Campaign Story

Raising funds to help expand the website, pay for web hosting, and start helping charities!

Back our fundraiser to help us grow the platform!

During this round, we will assign your entry with a unique code when you place your order during the checkout process. This code will be your entry into our game, which decides winners for the prize pool on offer. The round will be verified & results uploaded when the goal is reached.

Users will be credited with their prize pool winnings to their wallet on Favourable.Bet

Game Logic:

Our game logic is based on a game of paper scissors rock, but you are assigned a code that represents 9 out of 27 options you can pick from. These options are what decides a winner during our game, which is constructed as an auditable financial document.

The above image shows a representation of these 9 out of 27 options that the user codes choose from, with each colored line representing one users set of choices. The left portion shows them displayed on a radar graph, and the right shows the 9 colors representing the choices picked, with variations present because of the 27 options available. These generated codes were helpful during early game testing and development.

Now the codes are generated when you place an order, which took a while to set up. We are really proud of our system and hope you will support us to be in a position to help non-profits and charities as soon as possible! Roughly half of players will win a reward, and our game logic accommodates for purchasing multiple entries as it will generate a new entry code for you each time you sponsor a project.

Above shows what a fundraising round looks like in our auditable financial template. There are many lines of data being processed, and a stable version can handle 1000-5000 entrants before it becomes too much and crashed around 6000 players.

Our next version we are working on is a lot more powerful and will be able to handle more players, these are limitations of the software we are using and not the game logic which can be recreated using another program with more functionality when updating fields dynamically, with a larger capacity for handling data.

When you enter the round, donating more at once will not increase your odds of winning. Purchasing multiple entries means you can play against, and win or lose against yourself, or draw and eliminate yourself from the round.

  • 06/03/2022

    MetaMask support added

    Updated payment gateways to accept Ethereum via MetaMask for fundraising.


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